Almere Food

Food delivery app

Make food delivery profitable again.
An initiative aimed at helping the local restaurants out by competing with the bigger food delivery organizations. Mostly, these organizations tend to ask 15% to 25% commission over every order. This can be very painful for restaurants, while they do need to compete on price within these marketplaces. Therefore, this concept aimed to make food delivery profitable again.

The biggest issue simply is that the platform needs to be very scalable, have almost no downtimes, automated payment flows & strong algorithm development in combination with marketing automation. Besides, little data was provided to base the algorithm on.
WHAT WE DID App development
Algorithm development
Marketing automation

250 Restaurants
35% Extra conversion
THE SOLUTION We created a structure that provides both reliability and scalability out of the box. This was done by using the best sides of multiple languages as microservice development. In addition, the algorithms were based on intense panel testing, leading to a good start for further optimization. Lastly, this was combined with just the right marketing automation tooling in order to boost conversion triggers.
React Native Development
Python Development
Algorithm Development
Mollie Connect Payment automisation
Active campaign Marketing Automisation
Zendesk Customer service