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Jibe is one of the biggest B2B customs LED manufacturers in the Netherlands. The company is expanding rapidly through the Pan European market, gaining increasing recognition for its high-quality services. The company is constantly experimenting and innovating with the newest techniques, outweighing its competitors.

Although the company is one of the leaders in the industry, it faced challenges breaking into the European market, experiencing issues with outdated software tools. Additionally, they maintained a small team, based in the Netherlands, contracting and finance became increasingly time-consuming as they were not utilising the right resources. To enter the market successfully, Under Reality needed to offer solutions to reach the next Pan European milestone.
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THE SOLUTION To understand what Jibe needed to succeed in the market, Under Reality carried out an in-depth analysis of the current European market and the position they wanted to achieve. Through this investigation, we found that utilising native advertising was essential for their growth, which would result in stronger campaigns. Working together with Jibe, we provided our expertise on how to adapt to the new systems and ultimately the steps to implement more effective campaigns. In addition, we automated their payment and contracting flow using the blockchain and smart contract. These tools saved their valuable time and money, allowing the resources previously spent on the finance to be more effective in their expansion.
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