Freelancer platform

Smart self-learning matching software
Job is tired of the world of intermediaries and has started to develop a self-employment platform. Job is still in the startup phase, but the prospects are promising! The platform will be continuously improved by the smart self-learning matching software and the rollout of 'extra features'. Job is there for the self-employed and the client. Job offers both parties an all-in-one service.

The goal is to build a flexible and scalable platform where freelancers and companies can connect. In addition, the platform should also be linked to the latest marketing automation techniques to find new clients and increase engagement within the platform.
What we did: Software Development
Marketing Automation
Data Strategy

Share the love The idea was to create a new platform where freelancers and companies could easily connect. With the help of a strong data strategy and a recommendation engine, freelancers and companies can find each other even better.

Within the platform, hours can be tracked and approved within a user-friendly interface. In addition, gamification techniques were used to stimulate the use of the platform. We also applied marketing automation to communicate with the target group outside of the platform. This includes automated email notifications (e.g. when someone receives a connection request), WhatsApp messages and marketing automation campaigns.
Python Web framework
NodeJS JavaScript Backend
React JavaScript Framework
ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation
Twilio WhatsApp campaigns
Leadfeeder IP web tracking