Repairer Platform

Mobility & connectivity
MG is part of Saic Motors, listing 27th on the list of fortune 500 companies. Therefore, this company is one of the biggest enterprises worldwide. Recently, the launch of the MG brand in Europe took place, which became one of the greatest successes in the automobile branches so far.

However, before preparing for a European expansion, some challenges needed to be addressed. One of these challenges was, delivering data in a structured manner to car repairers & dealers. Another challenge was the communication of this highly relevant community. While being one of the largest enterprises worldwide, the company structure became a critical point for this design, development & structured data delivery project.
The challenge Design
Data structuring & distribution

350 dealers
99.9% uptime
WHAT WE DID A reliable and highly solution was required. This is because the documents/messages within the platform are confidential and need the digitally safeguarded. Therefore, we work with one of the safest frameworks worldwide – Django. Combine this with slick UX design and find a top-of-the-notch product.
Python Development
Figma Design
Data Data structuring