Under Reality develops digital solutions for leading brands. 

Reach the next level

We help our clients navigate through the virtual world - by embracing new technologies - giving them a competitive advantage. Our mission is to elevate the way people interact with brands through work that’s captivating, innovative, and outside the box. We focus on driving outcomes and making a difference.


When competition is tight, you’ll need a different kind of engine. Design in VR, rethink the dash, or create a cutting edge car launch — whatever your vision, we will help!


Offer the ultimate online shopping experience by providing your customers with a truly personalized experience across different channels. Push the boundaries with AI.


Automate onboarding videos, give a presentation in 10 different languages simultaneously, or let people learn from a digital human who is ready to help 24/7.

Brands & partnerships

Engage your target group with highly creative and data-driven campaigns. Every day, consumers get an overload of content. Let’s stand out from the crowd.

Gaming & Esports

Reach the next level with cutting-edge game experiences. We create outside the box game content, from virtual worlds to the highest quality digital humans. Ready for next-gen?

Fashion & lifestyle

Provide the ultimate online shopping experience by allowing your customers to try on clothes through the latest AR tools. Alternatively, let your customers pick different virtual models of all shapes and sizes to see what their favourite pieces look like on their body type.

Sports & entertainment

Create an indestructible relationship with your fans by building 360 degree profiles. Increase the experience and interaction with your fanbase with relevant communication through the right channel, interactive games and effective loyalty programs.


Automate personal experiences and optimize processes in healthcare. Create personalized and up-to-date onboarding videos for healthcare professionals. Further advance your processes with an interactive digital care coach who can answer any questions you might have. These examples are only a fraction of what is possible in healthcare. We are ready to help!


Growing your community and revenue in your organisation is a challenge. At Under Reality, we map out the digital landscape to provide the most effective strategy suited for your needs. Using a mix of creativity and technology, we start conversations.

Trailblazing brands work together with Under Reality for marketing & innovation

We listen to understand your business & goals, know your customers, set up useful analytics, define your KPIs, automate marketing and create objectives together.

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