The Manifest Highlights Under Reality Among Amsterdam’s Most Reviewed Software Development Companies


December 13, 2022

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Under Reality is one of the most reviewed software development companies in Amsterdam. Even though we’re new in the industry, we work with a passion for understanding and delighting brands all around the globe. We focus on driving outcomes and making a difference for our clients.

Most reviewed software development companies
Most reviewed software development companies

This year, we mark another milestone for Under Reality. The Manifest has recognized us as one of the most-reviewed software development companies for 2022. For context, The Manifest is a business news and how-to website that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mid-market firms.

Under Reality was founded in 2020 to help businesses find their way in this world and embrace new technologies that give them a competitive advantage. We are entering a new era, the world of web 3.0. A world that revolutionizes marketing, sales, and eCommerce. A world where creativity, software, data, blockchain, and AI come together. In short, the all-encompassing software development company for all industries that are working on the world of tomorrow.

A household items manufacturer, Best Direct, hired us in June 2021 for digital marketing services. The client is struggling with Facebook and branding and wants a new strategy. After the discovery phase, we created a plan for the client with a roadmap.

“I had an 80 % open rate and 67% click rate, my revenue went from 50K a month to 100K a month in the first three months, which was amazing.” – Gianni Gros, Owner, Best Direct

This year marks another milestone for Under Reality. We are considered a leading and most reviewed global vendor in the software development industry. The Most Reviewed Company Award on The Manifest features the 15 companies on each listing page that have received the most number of new reviews in the past 12 months.

Our journey doesn’t end here! We’re eager for more success to come! As a software development company, we are happy to help your company! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re ready to start on a new project! We’d love to hear from you!

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