MarTech and tools

The marketing technology (MarTech) landscape consists of over 8,000 tools. Under Reality has researched each software, so you don’t have to. Through an initial examination of your company and its needs, we gain an understanding of what tools are most suitable for you.

After this analysis, we integrate these tools with your current systems by setting up the data links and/or APIs in order to create a (marketing) technology stack. These software tools can be applied in every area of your organisation, such as; social media management, marketing automation, chatbot, customer service desk, etc.

The solutions Under Reality selects for your needs are scalable and user-friendly, allowing your team to easily get accustomed to these new processes.

Trailblazing brands work together with Under Reality for marketing & innovation

We listen to understand your business & goals, know your customers, set up useful analytics, define your KPIs, automate marketing and create objectives togethe

Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is MarTech?

MarTech describes a range of tools and technologies that marketers use to achieve marketing goals or objectives.

What is a marketing technology stack?

A marketing technology (martech) stack is a grouping of softwares and technologies markers use to optimize and leverage their marketing activities throughout the customer lifecycle.

Why do I need a Martech stack?

The marketing technology landscape is continuously evolving, which means companies need to invest in the right marketing technology solutions that facilitate greater growth in their organization.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic problem-solving and decision-making tasks that typically require human intelligence.

How to use AI in marketing?

Artificial Intelligence helps companies communicate with their customers more effectively. These tools can leverage your marketing campaigns in countless ways. Some examples are; automated decision making, content generation, real-time personalization (to name a few).

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